Σάββατο, 2 Μαΐου 2009


The HARAOA Group have orginized a DXpedition to Nolfolk Island (OC-005) on the 22nd to 29th of July 2009. The Team we also be taking part in the RSGB IOTA Contest (25th - 26th July 2009). The team consists of 8 operators with a vast experience in DXpeditions & Contesting. We hope we can exchange RST during this time. 73 Good DX.

European DiscoveryNorfolk island is a small volcanic island 8x5kms lying in the Pacific Ocean about 1,600km of Sydney Australia. There are 2 small islands to the South, Nepean (a limestone islet approx 4 hectares in extent) and Philip, a volcanic island 2 kms long.Captain Cook discovered Norfolk Island on 10 October 1774 on his second voyage around the world on the HMS Resolution. He described the island as "paradise" and named it Norfolk Isle, in honour of that Noble family. Part of Cook's diary " we found the island uninhabited and near a kin to New Zealand, the flax plant, many other plants and trees common to that country was found here but the chief produce of the isle is spruce pines which grow here in vast abundance and vast size, different sort to those in New Calendonia and also to those in New Zealand and for Masts, Yards &ca superior to both

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