Δευτέρα, 9 Αυγούστου 2010


A multi-national team of 30 Amateur Radio operators from nine countries is in advanced preparation to operate from Spratly Island group in the South China Sea.
Following 12 months of discussions with military and civilian authorities permission has been received to operate on Thitu Island (Pagasa in Filipino), the second largest island in the Spratly Islands with a population of about 100.
The DXpedition, organized by the South Pacific Contest Club, will run from 6 to 24 January with the final 420 km travel leg for three groups of operators, equipment and supplies is by cargo boat. All supplies including food, water and fuel to sustain the DXpedition needs to be transported to the island.
The team includes five doctors which is not only reassuring other DXpeditioners, but will provide a welcome humanitarian effort through free medical checks for those permanently on the remote island.
The plan is to have four CW stations, four Phone, two RTTY/Digital Modes plus VHF/UHF.
Sponsors include ICOM (America), Ham Radio Outlet, SpiderBeam, Heil Sound and DX Engineering. Further corporate sponsorship and funding is expected, and individual donations will be acknowledged. The DXpedition is supported by the IARU national radio society, Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA).
The team leader is Chris VK3FY. The rest of the team to date includes: Keith VK3FT, Roger VK3FZ, Peter VK3FGRC, Jim VK3PC, Nik VK3FNIK, Allan VK2GR, Josette VK2FXGR, Wally VK6YS, Dindo DV1DIN, Ed DU1EV, Edward 4F1OZ, Cholo 4F8BOF, Kaye DV9XO, Toshi JA8BMK, San K5YY, Oscar EA1DR, Christian EA3NT, George EA2TA, Vincent F4BKV, Bjorn SMOMDG, Charles W6KK, Arnold N6HC, Robert N6OX, John N7CQQ, David AH6HY, Simon IZ7ATN, Bill N2WB, Jack W0UCE, Al K3VN, David K3LP, Michel FM5CD, Jay WX0B, Krassy K1LZ, Hrane YT1AD, Paul N6PSE and San K5YY.
Chris VK3FY will visit the Philippines next month to check out the logistics arrangements and ensure all other requirements are finalised.

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