Πέμπτη, 17 Ιανουαρίου 2013

1ST TRIATHLON CONTEST Saturday 2 of February 2013

Dear friends,
We invite all of you to participate in the 1st Triathlon DX Contest
Triathlon will take place the 1st fulll weekend of February every year. This year atSaturday 2 of February
We are trying to simulate the original Triathlon athletic event. So we involved 3 major ham radio modes, RTTY, SSB and CW. It will be a 24 hour non-stop event divided in 3 sections, each one devoted to a different mode. We start at 00:00 utc on Saturday 2/2with RTTY until 07:59 utc. After that we continue from 08:00 UTC with SSB until 15:59 UTC and finally is CW part starting at 16:00 utc until 23:59 UTC. 
The exchange is simple; Just 59(9) and serial number... 
Multipliers are the DXCC entities in every mode and band plus the number of different Greek stations you will work during the entire contest. 
There are simple mode categories and mixed mode as well. 
Also you can make your own teams and participate in team contesting also. 
The best of all is that the winner will get a wonderful prize: 10 days all paid for 2 persons in Zakynthos Island (EU052) in Greece, offer of Xenos Hotels Group
You can find more infos as the complete rules in several languages at 
We are looking for your participation...
73... for Triathlon-DX-Contest team 
Kostas Stamatis, SV1DPI 
Triathlon DX Contest's manager 

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