Τετάρτη, 3 Απριλίου 2013

CQ WPX 2013

Thanks all for 3400 qso .This year run the wpx like SOAB HI   i made 3.400qso  1000+ mult   and 6.100.000 p  is new record for my in WPX  .
My setup is   10m-40m   the 4 el steppir   80-160 a long wire  42m  and my amplifier is Acom 1000 .
the first day i made 2000 qso with good propagation in 80-40 m  good open in 15m with Asia but nothing with NA SA 
The second day  strong winds in my qth 9 b+ and my antenna is only  3m up of my roof 
 i try to work in 10-15-20 ...  better propagation with SA NA   and nothig for Asia  ..after 1900 utc the propagation is fantastic in 10-15m  with America. I made many.. multi  in 15  and 10m 
The only problem in this contest is the QRM   THE SAME STATION QRMING FOR 7-8 HOURS 
(i have the call ) 
I thing in this contest is possible for my to made  4000 -4500 qso with out qrm .. no problem maybe the next year  ........ two  very nice days for my and i am very happy for my score  . Thanks all  for help wife and my daughters  and cu the next year 

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